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As your money coach I can help you reach your personal finance goals! I can help with debt elimination, increasing savings, value-based budgeting, becoming debt free, financial education, avoiding foreclosure and bankruptcy, dealing with collections, and setting you on the path to building wealth.

Initial Consultation:

This is a 90-minute intensive session where we will cover the ins and outs of your financial life. This includes, income, savings, credit, and your current living situation. You will walk away with a plan that will include specific action items to help you reach your financial goal!

Monthly Coaching:

Under my monthly coaching program, I ask for a minimum of a 3-month commitment.  It takes an average of 2 months to get a working budget and to notice changes in your credit score. These are monthly sessions that will help you stay the course by providing accountability and follow up steps to get you to your financial goal!

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